October 2019                         

What do you do once racing season is over?


   As most of your local tracks start wrapping up their final races of the season, many race teams and fans start looking ahead to the offseason. On the east coast most tracks start racing either the end of March or early April and will run until the end of September or early October. It may seem like a long season but most drivers/fans will tell you it flies by. As a driver I usually find myself looking for things to do in the offseason. You get into such a routine of working on the car and going to the track every week/weekend that you don’t have much free time. Of course there is still plenty of work to do even when you’re not racing. Tearing the car down to the bare frame and checking every part along the way. Either painting or powder coating the frame and start re-assembling. Deciding whether you want to try some new products or run what you had last season. Always thinking of new ways to make yourself faster, and of course thinking of a new paint scheme! (That’s always my favorite part) Most people don’t realize how much work really goes into racing, especially if you want to be competitive every week.


   There are different ways to get your racing fix over the winter. Luckily on the east coast we have a few indoor races that can hold us over until the outdoor season begins. (By the way if you’ve never been to an indoor race, you should, they’re definitely a unique experience.) In January we have the Motorsports Trade Show where most teams will reveal their new paint schemes and cars for the new season. It’s a great place to catch up with racing friends you haven’t seen since the last race. It’s also a good place to see all the new racing products that are coming out. If I’m not doing something racing related, I’m usually either watching football or spending time with friends and family.


   The offseason may be cold, and it might suck but the garage is where a lot of races are won. Preparation for the new season is pivotal and can take you a long way when the new season starts. Everyone does things a little differently, but I think we can all agree that opening day never comes soon enough.


Written by TJ Mayberry

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