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Growing up around dirt track racing and watching my dad race since I was a little kid, I quickly grew to love the sport. Going with my dad weekly to hang out at the race car shop and helping wash the race cars, to cheering him on every Saturday night at our local track. As soon as I was old enough I jumped behind the wheel and have been driving ever since.


I always wore my favorite drivers shirts but I was looking for a brand that represented the sport that we all love. One day I had an idea and it quickly turned into a dream, High Side Apparel was born. I promised myself to create a brand that was not only geared towards drivers but for everyone who loves this sport and loves this lifestyle. Being able to design this brand and share it with everyone else is something I am truly passionate about.  Buying from us is not only supporting my dream but also helping a local racing team as well!


My wife and I try and travel when we can to local tracks and sell our gear. Next time you see us, be sure to stop by and say hello! 


TJ & Dana Mayberry 

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